Goal #9: Explore And Develop A Program For Creek Maintenance / Erosion Concerns

Goal #9: Explore best practices and develop a program forStrategicPrioritiesIcon-7 SMALL2 
creek maintenance / erosion concerns.

  1. Create drainage maintenance standard operating procedures
  2. Explore best practices performed by municipalities for inspecting and maintaining stormwater drainage channels, creeks, and outfalls
  3. Issue Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for professional engineering services in order to prepare a Stormwater Drainage Master Plan
  4. Engage vendor-provided professional engineering services to develop a Stormwater Drainage Master Plan that will develop maintenance recommendations and identify and prioritize stormwater drainage projects 
  5. Develop recommendations to review with the City Council to provide an assistance program for erosion concerns on private property
  6. Explore best practices and programs in area cities that provide assistance programs with erosion concerns on private property
  7. Present recommendations to the City Council for a private property erosion assistance program

Quarter One Update:

The Department's Street, Traffic & Fleet Services Manager has successfully prepared a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document for drainage maintenance.