Goal #5: Construct A High-Quality Aquatic And Recreation Center

Goal #5: Construct a high-quality aquatic and recreation centerGoal 7 
consistent with the McCowan Park Master Plan.

  1. Develop construction documents
  2. Establish Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and present to Council for approval
  3. Explore philanthropy and other private-sector naming right opportunities to contribute funding to the project
  4. Start construction for the McCowan Park Aquatic and Recreation Center

Quarter One Update:

On November 16, the City, along with IPS, Smithgroup, and Manhattan, held a kick-off meeting to commence the development of Construction Documents for the project. Additionally, on November 20th, a presentation to the Council is scheduled to provide updates on the current budget status and the design progress of the project. The Initial Guaranteed Maximum Price (IGMP) meeting occurred in mid-January, with the establishment of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) slated for the first of March.