Place Two

Parker, Pieretta 1 - CopyPierette parker

Pierette Parker was elected to DeSoto City Council in June 2023 Runoff election following the May General election to serve for Place Two. Ms. Parker is a 20+ year DeSoto resident and has served on many boards/committees both professionally and volunteer.  Pierette's most recent service is as the Park Board Chair position on the DeSoto Parks and Recreations Development Board where she was involved in decisions regarding the current and future parks that serve the citizen's needs such as McCowan Aquatic Park, Briarwood Park, Mirkes Park, Ernie Roberts Park, BMX Facility and Moseley Pool. Pierette is Precinct Chair for Precinct 3617 and works to increase voter awareness and engagement. 

Pierette is a mom of one adult daughter that is currently in college at the University of North Texas. Pierette earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of North Texas (2001).  She is an active member of Concord Church and has been involved in several ministries and community outreach which includes the Children's Ministry, Scholarship Ministry, Grow Groups, and Meals on Wheels since 2009. 

Pierette's Motto is " Not my Community, Our Community" 

Contact Information:
Phone: 469.515.0039