About Leak Adjustments
The City of DeSoto’s water leak policy provides for a credit to be made to a customer’s account when the customer has had a concealed leak. A concealed leak is defined as an underground leak in the service line, underground leak in the sprinkler line, leak in a wall, or a leak under a building. If you think you may have a water leak, follow the link below and watch this short video on How To Read Your Water Meter. It will also tell you how to check for a leak.

Adjustment Credits
One credit adjustment in a twelve month period, per property address is given for a concealed leak. The amount of the credit will be determined by calculating 50% of the water loss based on the date of the repair. If the adjustment is granted, you will be contacted by mail with the dollar amount being credited to your water account.

In order to receive this credit, the customer must provide a receipt stating repairs have been made, the date and the location of such repairs; or a receipt for the repair or parts as evidence that the high consumption actually resulted from a hidden water leak that is now repaired.

request for adjustments
Request for an adjustment must be submitted within twenty (20) days of the date that the leak is identified. A credit is issued on the billing for the highest consumption, not to exceed sixty (60) days, during the time of the leak.

Payment Information
The customer will be responsible for paying the remaining amount by the due date of the current bill.

If additional time is needed to pay the water bill, you must contact DeSoto Water Utilities at 972.230.9627 and press “7” to speak with a customer service representative. All payout arrangements or extensions must be made in writing.

Other leak Adjustments
Adjustments are not normally issued for sprinkler head leaks, toilet leaks, dripping faucets or other above ground leaks. However, they will be reviewed if an unusual situation occurs.