Food Handler Training

Public Education And Required Training
Food Manager Certification and Food Handler Training are required by City Ordinance.  Food Manager Certification is required for the manager of a food establishment and certification is good for five (5) years.  All other food service workers who are involved with any part of food preparation are required to take a state-approved food handler training course which is good for two (2) years.

The City of DeSoto Environmental Health Department offers State-approved Food Handler training. Beginning in September 2017, we will now require pre-registration and pre-payment prior to class. You can register at the City of DeSoto Action Center located in the lobby inside City Hall. Note that Food Handler Classes are offered online, and a list of approved sites providing training can be found at:

What:                   FOOD HANDLER TRAINING
Class Location:    DeSoto Civic Center, 211 E. Pleasant Run
Registration:        City of DeSoto Action Center located in City Hall, 211 E. Pleasant Run
Cost:                    $10 per person, valid for 2 years
Questions:          Contact the Action Center - 972.230.9600

Note- A minimum of 10 students are required to register and schedule for the class.

Food Handler (classroom)

Food Handler (online)

Food Handler (private)

Food Manager Cert. (classroom)

A Manager of Pool Operations Certification is required for commercial pool operators and is provided by the City of DeSoto every year prior to pool season.

Health-related public education is provided upon request.
Questions call 972.230.9600.