New Submittals and Current Projects

New submittals and current projects
On this page, you will see a list of all New Submittals and Current Projects that are under Staff, P&Z Commission, and City Council Review.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants will be required to attend a DRC (Development Review Committee) meeting before submittal. If you do not have a recent (within 6 months) DRC date, your submittal will not be accepted.
  1. Developers Submit Proposals.
  2. New Submittals are reviewed by Staff according to schedule (see Submittal Deadlines).
  3. P & Z reviews all submittals with Staff recommendations.
  4. Submittals are included on City Council Agenda.

New Submittals (april 8, 2024)

New Submittals  Date Submitted
Z-1523-24; PD for KIRNWOOD ESTATES (804 Kirnwood Dr) 4.08.2024
FP-1253-24; STRATEGIC DESOTO ADDITION (800 W Beltline Rd) 4.08.2024

Under Staff Review

Case Info  Date Submitted
SP-682-24; OFFICE ESC ADDITION (511 S I-35 E) 3.11.2024
Z-1520-24; PD AMENDMENT for TOWNDSEND SQUARE (901 Polk St) 3.11.2024
FP-1252-24; FOURACRE SUBDIVISION REPLAT (1116 W Beltline Rd) 3.11.2024

Project Review status 

Case Name P&Z Commission City Council    
Z-1518-24; PD-20 for WINTERGREEN HOTEL ADDITION (1324 Wintergreen Ct) 3.26.24; Approved 4.16.24;    
Z-1516-24; SUP for DESOTO EVENT CENTER (160 Seahawk Dr) 3.26.24; Approved 4.16.24;    
HAMPTON ROAD CHARACTER CODE  3.26.24; No Recommendation 5.07.24;     
FP-1251-24; DESOTO COMMON WENDYS (800 S Hampton Rd) 4.09.24;  -    
Z-1519-24; PD -65 AMEND for HAMPTON CROSSING ADDITON (116 E Wintergreen Rd) 4.23.24; 5.21.24;    
Z-1521-24; NANCE FARMS (1325 Greenbrook Dr) 4.23.24; 5.21.24;    
Z-1522-24; PD-160 AMENDMENT; CREEKS OF HOMESTEAD PH 1&2 4.23.24; 5.21.24;