Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services serves citizens, customers, and employees that is responsive and proactive in customer service and responsible for resources by maintaining, operating, repairing, and renovating the physical assets of the city to ensure their efficiency, functionality, safety, and comfort in facilities that we Live, Work, and Play in the City of DeSoto.

Facility Management Services is responsible for developing and managing contracts with bid documents and specifications for service and good procurement for repairs and services. Facility Management Services schedules and manages compliance requirements for regulatory agencies for facilities and equipment. Facility Management Services tracks corrective, preventative, predetermined, condition-based, and reactive work orders for specific trades (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing) and general contracting through Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for the proper allocation of resources, city staff, contracted staff, or contracted vendors. The department manages the division’s budget and account payable payments for city-wide utilities and vendor repairs, services, and replacements of city assets.

How do I report a maintenance concern in a City building?
Reporting Routine and Emergency Facility Maintenance Request
All Routine and Emergency Facility Maintenance Requests are to be entered in Munis (EAM) for a service response/scheduling.
Service requests may be entered 24/7.
Reporting Emergency Facility Maintenance
Emergency facility maintenance requests should also be reported immediately by telephone to Facilities Management at (469) 990-4930.

Julia McCoy, Sr. Staff Custodian
Keenan Cole, Staff Custodian
Kendrick Barnes, Staff Custodian
Irene Lugo, Staff Custodian
Eddie Davis, Staff Custodian
Lewis Lyons, Staff Custodian
Bobby McGinnis, Contract Electrical Technician
Wilbert McClain, Contract HVAC Technician