Common Inspections

*Please note that these are common inspections ONLY. There may be other inspections that might be required depending on the type of permit obtained.


  • Temporary Power Pole: (TP) Inspection of grounding, ground fault protection, wiring and bracing.
  • Pier Inspection: MUST be called into the City of Desoto and shall be done by an independent lab or Texas Licensed Professional Engineer. Copy of lab report and/or stamped engineered letter shall be provided to the City of Desoto at the time of our inspection.
  • Plumbing Rough: Inspections of all underground plumbing in foundation, which includes building drain, building sewer and water lines. Five-foot (5') water test required on DWV filled to the top of test pipe air test on DWV not permitted. Water pressure or air pressure whichever is greater. A gauge shall be provided on the lines.
NOTE: A Form Board Survey prepared by a registered professional engineer or a registered surveyor will be required and shall be available on the job site at the time of the plumbing rough inspection.

  • Foundation: Inspection of the foundation make-up is to ensure that the foundation is in compliance with applicable plans and specifications. Concrete Encased Electrode (UFER) shall be installed and identified. Grade beams shall be dug to the proper depth, the proper amount of rebar and/or cables shall be in place and supported properly with chairs. A copy of the foundation plan shall be available at the job site for the inspection. All exposed copper water lines shall be wrapped or sleeved. Any PVC passing through beams or footings shall be sleeved or adequately wrapped. All cave-ins and/or water shall be removed from beams.  
  • Approach: Inspection of the approach make-up to ensure that approach is in compliance with applicable plans and specifications. See hand out.
  • Framing or FMEP (Framing, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing): Inspection of all structural framing, exterior sheathing, plumbing top-out, mechanical rough, electrical rough, metal firebox and chimney, shower pan tubs and wall ties. Required plumbing tests shall be in place for inspection (water test on the entire DWV system, pressure test on water lines and test on gas piping if applicable).
  • Masonry Fire Box: Inspection of masonry firebox smoke chamber prior to the installation of tiles. There shall be a minimum 2" air space between the firebox and any combustible material. Masonry chimney shall not be supported by combustible materials.
  • Temporary Electric and Gas meter Releases: Inspection of the electric service installation (WITH THE PANEL COVER OFF), grounding and gas piping installation. All loose wiring shall be capped off and any open boxes covered. Gas piping shall be tested at a pressure of 5psig or at least (5") of mercury for ten (10) minutes. Gas test shall be pressure tested with either a pressure or mercury gauge.
NOTE: If a spa tub is installed, the skirt or access panel must be off for the inspection of the motor grounding. Also, THE RELEASE AND INSTALLATION OF TEMPORARY ELECTRICAL AND/OR GAS DOES NOT AUTHORIZE OCCUPANCY OF THE STRUCTURE PRIOR TO HOUSE FINAL

  • House Final: Inspection of COMPLETED HOUSE prior to occupancy.
Reports and items needed for house final (these MUST be left on the kitchen counter).

  • The original energy report final approval with the printed name of the energy inspector, signature, date and the company they work for accompanied with duct leakage test and building envelope leak test.
  • Utility department approval
  • Irrigation System Final
  • The address must be permanently posted visible from the street.
  • Lot graded per approved drainage plan
  • All appliances and fixtures installed
  • Completed Energy Compliance Certificate
  • Form Board Survey
  • Termite Treatment Certificate
  • All backflow devices will be required to be tested by a licensed Backflow Tester and the results will have to be recorded to SC tracking (