Redistricting 2022

Redistricting 2022_11zonfinal map
The second and last public hearing regarding City of DeSoto's Redistricting project occurred on Tuesday, October 18 with no additional citizen comments and no further modifications to the plan. This agreed upon final plan, Map A, was presented at the November 1, 2022 City Council Meeting for official approval. A resolution was presented to the City Council, and City staff will move forward with the process of implementing the new boundaries in time for the 2023 election season. The map Here is the final adopted Map. A link to the Boundary Resolution and Article 1.1300 which includes boundary details is provided below.

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The process began in March 2022 as the City was due for a review with the 2020 Census results. After finding out that the City exceeded the 10% variance requirement with a total of 17% variance between all the districts, the Council appoint themselves as the Redistricting Committee. Their first step was to approve the criteria guiding the redistricting process followed by scheduling two drawing sessions with public hearings after each one. The first drawing session conducted on August 1 resulted in two maps for the public to consider. Map A was an option that showed the least amount of change in boundary line drawings, while Map B-Revised consisted of a more modified  approach. Map-B Revised showed several district boundaries spanning the City from east to west. After Public Hearing #1 and the public voicing their choice to move with Map A, the City Council scheduled a second drawing session. On September 26, the City Council conducted Drawing Session #2 and agreed to move forward with Map A paying special attention to HOA locations within boundary lines. After Public Hearing  #2, the City Council will move forward with Map A.
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