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2023 Teen Broadcast Club Registration

  1. Register for the 2023 Teen Broadcasting Club

    Program begins Monday, May 22nd

    • Mass Media Mondays - 5-6pm
    • Filming Footage Fridays - 5-6pm
    • Show-Stopping Saturdays - 2:30-4:30pm
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  6. Medical Emergencies Involving Minors:
  7. In the event that a parent or legal guardian cannot be reached in a medical emergency, the DeSoto Public Library is authorized to arrange for emergency medical treatment, the cost of which will be the sole responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.
  8. Parent/Legal Guardian Permission:*
  9. I authorize the DeSoto Public Library to arrange emergency medical treatment, in case of an emergency. I understand that my son/daughter will not receive monetary compensation or be insured by the Library.
    Please provide your name and date below.
  10. For additional information contact Ms. Marq Runnels at 972.230.9663.

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