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DeSoto Community Champion Recognition Award Nomination Form

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of the DeSoto Community Champion Award is to foster a service ethic among residents by recognizing those who have made significant contributions above and beyond to improve their local community or had a significant positive impact on the community. 

    Residents are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals or groups for consideration.  Selection criteria is broad, as contribution and impact can be measured or determined in many different ways.  Things such as community leadership, community organization involvement, heroic action, humanitarian efforts, service, volunteerism, and even things like business success, personal or professional achievement, or recognition brought to the DeSoto community as a result of an individual's efforts.

    This award is presented during the DeSoto City Council meetings on a quarterly basis.

  2. Award

    The recipient will be honored during a city council meeting. Notice of the award will be sent to the resident and the person who nominated them. 

  3. Nominations

    Upon submission, the Mayor and her staff will review and finalize the nomination for consideration. 

    Note: DeSoto elected officials currently in office and board/commission members are not eligible to receive this award.

    Self-nomination is permitted.

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  6. Please upload any documentation that highlights relevant information pertaining to the nominee’s accomplishments being cited for award consideration.

  7. Please upload any pictures showing the nominee in an act of community service.

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