How do I bond/bail someone out of jail?

All bonds for class C misdemeanor charges (like traffic tickets) can be posted at the jail, all other charges must be posted at the county jail. We accept cash or credit cards only, no money orders. To get someone out of jail, the whole fine must be paid, or in some circumstances, the judge will allow a payment plan to be set up and release the individual. You may also go through a bond agency. If you wish to pay the FULL amount of a fine or bond you can pay by credit card online. You must have the inmate’s first and last name and date of birth, as well as the warrant number, and the four digit code for the city in which the fine or bond is owed. Four-digit Pay Location Codes: DeSoto - 9313 Cedar Hill - 9315 Lancaster - 9319 Pay online here

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1. How do I bond/bail someone out of jail?
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