Will some employers be excepted?

Yes, there are exceptions for certain entities and specific job applications. Non-profit 501(c) organizations, state agencies, and governmental bodies defined by Section 552.003 of the Government Code are not required to comply with the ordinance. A business is also not required to comply with the ordinance on initial job applications for specific positions where a person may be disqualified under a federal, state, or local law or to comply with legally mandated insurance or bond requirements for that position.

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1. Why did the City consider this now?
2. What is the purpose of this Ordinance?
3. What were the steps taken to consider this Ordinance?
4. What exactly does Fair Chance Hiring mean?
5. What does Fair Chance Hiring not mean?
6. Who must comply?
7. Will some employers be excepted?
8. Is the City of DeSoto as an employer complying with this ordinance?
9. What is the penalty for violations?