History of the Office

First City Manager

Settled in 1847, DeSoto was officially incorporated in 1949.  DeSoto's first city manager, Dewayne White, was hired in 1964 to serve as both the City Manager and the City Inspector.

Increased Responsibilities

As the City has grown over the years, the Office of the City Manager has expanded to include two Deputy City Managers, a Community Relations Manager / PIO, a Communications Manager, the Health Inspector, one Executive Assistant, and two Customer Service Representatives who provide excellent service to the citizens at the Action Center.

Past City Managers:

The tenure of the position of city manager is:
Dewayne White 1964-1970
Jim Pratt 1970-1973
Joel Larkin 1973-1977
Dorothy Talley 1977-1981
Cliff Johnson 1981-1984
Jim McAlister 1984-1985
Kerry Sweatt 1985-1987
Mark Sowa 1987-1992
Ed Brady* 1992-1993
Gary Whittle* 1993-1994
Ron Holifield 1994-1996
Bill Lindley* 1996-1997
Jim Baugh 1997-2011
Tarron Richardson 2011-2019
M Renee Johnson* 2019-2020
Brandon Wright 2020-Present 
*Denotes individual serving as the interim city manager

The City Charter was approved by voters in 1949. DeSoto operates under a home rule, council-manager form of government. Under this type of local government, the day-to-day management of the city is directed by a city manager.

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