Homeowners & Neighborhood Associations

If your association is interested in providing information for their website, please contact Tracie Hlavinka at 972-230-9689 or email thlavinka@desototexas.gov.

Existing Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Association  Mandatory/Voluntary Contact Number
Avondale  Mandatory
Briarwood Estates  Voluntary   
Candle Meadow  Public Improvement District Ms. Michelle Burr 214-445-2729
Centre Estates  Voluntary Ms. Marine Nero 972-217-5317
Chapel Hill  Mandatory Mr. Nat Tate 214-212-6161
Churchill Estates  Mandatory Mr. Curtis Winchester 972-223-8923
Club Parc  Mandatory Mr. Don Page 972-780-0437
Club Ridge  Mandatory Mr. Joel Sontag 972-780-7188
Creek Tree Estates  Voluntary
Crestwood Village  Voluntary Mr. Charles Holmes 972-223-2438
Crystal Creek  Mandatory Ms. Gekethea Thomas 
DeSoto Ranch  Mandatory Ms. Hope Stevens 682-551-4552
Eagle Downs  Voluntary Mr. A.L. Jones  
Eagle Point Estates  Mandatory Ms. Krisha Morris 972-979-0630
Elerson Ranch  Mandatory Mr. Robert McNair  972-217-5555
Elerson Trace West  Mandatory Ms. Brenda Riggins  
Enclave at Thorntree  Mandatory Mr. Tom Elam 972-523-6166
Estates of Windmill Hill  Mandatory Ms. Frances Broadus 972-709-1657
Fern Heights  Voluntary Mr. Renaldo Johnson 972-223-2151
Forest Park  Voluntary Ms. Nydia Rios 972-223-6746
Frost Farms  Mandatory Ms. Eve Williams 972-217-2325
Frost Farms II  Mandatory Mrs. Remie James    972-274-2580
Frost Oaks  Mandatory
Hampton Meadows  Mandatory Ms. Pierette Parker-Wheat 214-838-0868
Hampton Place Estates  Voluntary Ms. Linda Harris 972-224-8762
Heath Creek  Voluntary Mrs. Kim Sanders George 972- 230-3374
Hidden Canyon  Voluntary Mr. Floyd Briscoe 972-223-0512
High Meadows  Voluntary Ms. Jean Holbert 972-224-5980
Kentsdale Farms       Mandatory Goddard Management, LLC 972-576-5055
Lynnwood Estates  Voluntary Mr. John Collins 972-228-8565
Mantlebrook  Voluntary Ms. Heidy Harris 972-223-3017
Meadowbrook Estates  Voluntary
Mesa Verde  Voluntary Mr. Louis Berry 972-228-0580
 Mockingbird Hill   Terry Cook 972-589-8420
North Meadows  Voluntary Ms. Joyce Hill 972-224-9541
Oakmont  Voluntary Mr. Andrew Roberts 972-274-0664
Parkerville Meadows Phase 1 & 2   Mandatory Goddard Management, LLC 972-576-5055 
Regents Park  Mandatory Mr. Jack Morgan 972-274-3024
Silver Creek Estates  Mandatory Mr. Gordy VanSteenberg 972-230-4815
 Silver Creek Meadows  Mandatory Mr. Jesse Hampton 469-530-5823
South Meadows  Voluntary Mrs. O'Faira Carter 972-230-3777
St. Andrews Place  Mandatory Mr. Joe DeCorte 214-236-6959
St. Georges Place  Mandatory Mr. James Foster 214-893-3974
Stillwater Canyon  Public Improvement District Mr. Grover Carter 214-797-9388
Summer Meadows  Mandatory Mr. Chad Cornelison 866-473-2573
Summit Parks   Public Improvement District
Ten Mile Creek Estates   Mr. Antonio Wilkinson 972-283-3484
Thorntree Estates  Mandatory Mr. Greg Mayes 972-298-3504
Timberbrook  Mandatory Ms. Nedra Williams 972-748-2825
Western Hills  Voluntary Ms. Janice Mackey 469-643-6232
Westmoreland Estates  Mandatory Mr. James E. Collier Jr. 972-207-2175
Wildwood Addition  Voluntary Mr. Wayne Valentine 972-230-7051
Williamsburg Village  Mandatory
Windmill Hill II  Voluntary
Windmill Hill III  Voluntary Mr. Cleve McFarlane 972-298-3701
Windmill IV  Voluntary Ms. Ann Walker 972-369-6031
Wolf Creek  Mandatory Mr. Jessie Green    
Woodlands on the Creek  Voluntary Mrs. Anna Williams 972-223-7868
Wyndmere  Voluntary Mr. Marion Stampley                                         

The City of DeSoto hosts web pages for all homeowners or neighborhood associations that are interested in providing information free of charge.

This is a great way to communicate to residents of upcoming meetings, events as well as contact information.

The information is limited to one page and the City reserves the right to deny publishing any inappropriate information.

This is a great way to bring newcomers to your area and keep members involved and informed.http://eaglepointestates.net/