Current Projects

Fire Station # 2
Location - 206 S. Parks Dr.
• Architect: Architect Design Group, Inc. (ADG)
• Contractor: JC Commercial, Inc.
• Project: A new Fire Station With Fire Administration offices will be constructed in the vicinity of Parks Dr. and Belt Line Rd. Upon completion of the new Fire Station, the existing Fire Station at Hampton Rd. and First St., will be removed.
• Project Status: Utilities complete, Drilling piers, project 20% complete (12/18)

                             Sub-grade prep for paving and Grade beams, project 25% complete (1/19)

                             Utilities complete, Grade Beams Complete, working on Fire Lane project 30% complete (2/19)
                             Utilities complete, Grade Beams Complete, working on Fire Lane project 35% complete (3/19)
                            Fire Lane Complete, going vertical and starting masonry work project 20% complete (4/19)
                             Continuing masonry placement project 40% complete (5/19)                
• Projected completion Fall 2019 
2018 Water/Wastewater Renovation & Replacement Project - Phase 1

Hunters Creek Dr., Foxwood Dr., Prairie Creek Dr. and Shadywood Lane
• Engineer: Dick Perkins, P.E.
Contractor: TBD
Project: Included in the Capital improvement Program (CIP) is the annual expenditure of R & R
(Renovation and Replacement) funds which are used to upgrade deteriorating water and wastewater infrastructure. The current R & R Project includes various locations with varying degrees of deterioration of the existing clay tile sewer lines and cast iron water
lines. In most cases the infrastructure is 40-50 years old. The water and sewer main lines will be replaced with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe. In addition, water service lines will be replaced (City side of the meters) and sewer lines will be replaced up to the
property lines with cleanouts being installed at the property line. In accordance with the CIP, the following streets have water, sewer and paving infrastructure that will be replaced:

Project Status: 
 Pipe bursting sanitary sewer lines on Hunters Creek 40% complete (12/18)

                             Pipe bursting sanitary sewer lines on Foxwood and Prairie Creek 45% complete (1/19)

                             Pipe bursting complete sanitary sewer lines on Hunters Creek complete, 55% complete (2/19)
                             Water complete, sewer lines 70% complete (3/19)
                             Project in final stages of completion 99% complete (4/19)
                             Project complete (5/19)

• Construction anticipated to begin Fall 2018