Garage Sale Ordinance
City of DeSoto Ordinance No. 295 regulates Occasional Sales (garage sales, including patio and porch sales).

Permitted Sales Guidelines
  • Occasional Sales are permitted in residential areas.
  • Occasional Sales are not to exceed two (2) in number during a twelve month period, by a person who does not hold himself out as engaging, or does not habitually engage in the business of selling tangible personal property at retail.
  • The duration of each sale shall not exceed three (3) consecutive days.
  • Tangible personal property shall be sold only on the premises of owner or lessee of the property where the sale is conducted, and said owner or lessee must be the legal owner of such tangible personal property at the time of such sale.
  • Sale shall be confined to garage, porch or patio on premises.
  • No new merchandise (i.e., merchandise acquired solely for the purpose of resale) shall be sold at such Occasional Sale.

One sign is permitted, not to exceed two square feet, upon property where the sale is taking place.

  • No person shall conduct an Occasional Sale without having first obtained a permit and without complying with the provisions of this ordinance.
  • Application for such permit shall state the location of the sale and the dates on which the sale shall be held.
  • Obtain a permit online