Roy Orr Trail
Roy Orr Trail Sections
  • Mirkes Parkway East to Town Center: 1.60 miles
  • Town Center east to Polk Street: 0.80 miles
  • Polk Street east to Meadows Pkwy: 0.59 miles
  • Meadows Parkway East to Plantation: 0.17 miles
  • Plantation East to Murphy Hills Park: 0.44 miles
  • Total: 3.60 miles

Roy Orr Trail Map

Look for the Pet Mitt Stations in DeSoto Parks
The Roy Orr Trail features Pet Mitt Stations which have been installed in four locations along the trail. They have also been installed at:
  • Murphy Hills Park
  • Zeiger Park
  • Ernie Roberts Park
  • Grimes Park
  • Briarwood Park

Keep DeSoto Beautiful
Keep DeSoto Beautiful, as a part of a “Scoop the Poop” campaign, is raising awareness on responsible pet ownership to help keep our trails and parks clean. KDB would like to remind pet owners that City ordinance requires you to clean up after your pets and the new Pet Mitt Stations should help you do just that.

Commonly known as the Pooper Scooper law, this ordinance requires that the owner, keeper or walker of any dog must immediately remove the dog’s excrement from public or private property other than the dog’s owner’s property.
Roy Orr Trail Sign

Ten Mile Creek