Goal #9

Identify and secure a location in West DeSoto for a future community park.

StrategicPrioritiesIcon-5 SMALL2

1. Analyze and develop an underserved neighborhoods report identifying opportunities for additional park enhancements| Parks | Start FY 2022 Q2 | Complete FY 2022 Q3

2. Identify a list of potential locations in west DeSoto for a future community park including a list of amenities recommended for each location | Parks | Start FY 2022 Q3 | Complete FY 2022 Q4

3. Develop land acquisition options from the list of potential locations | Parks | Start FY 2022 Q4 | Complete FY 2023 Q1


2nd Quarter Update
April 2022 

The 2020 Parks Recreation and Trails Master Plan established the criterion for identifying areas that are underserved as it relates to parks and recreational spaces. Per the Master Plan, an underserved area is one in which the residents are more than a five-minute walk away from a City park. Based on this criterion, staff has identified two underserved areas in DeSoto. In Q4, staff will begin developing land acquisition options for park space within the two identified areas.

1st Quarter Update
January 2022

No action was taken on this item in Q1. Staff will begin identifying location opportunities for additional park facilities in Q2.