Obtain AN Occupational Driver License

The DeSoto Municipal Court is pleased to assist anyone seeking an Occupational Driver License (hereinafter “ODL”). Presently, the Texas Legislature has given the authority to issue an Occupational Driver License only to the Justice of the Peace Courts in Texas. Nevertheless, the Presiding Judge of the DeSoto Municipal Court Scott E. Kurth in partnership with Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Place 2 of Dallas County Sasha Moreno have initiated a program whereby the DeSoto Municipal Court will assist persons needing an ODL in completing the forms and putting them in front of Justice of the Peace Sasha Morena via Zoom from the courtroom of the DeSoto Municipal Court. 

An ODL is a special license issued by the State of Texas, and this license allows you to drive while your regular license is under suspension. You will be required to prove to the Court that you have a specific need to have an ODL, but if your petition is granted, then an ODL may be issued to you so that you have the ability to drive to meet your everyday needs such as attending work, going to doctor appointments and picking up your children.

There are restrictions placed on an ODL. First, you cannot operate a commercial motor vehicle, and secondly, you only have a twelve-hour window each day to drive.

You will be required to submit the following items to the court when you file your petition for an ODL:

1.    Completed Petition for Occupational License (available in the DeSoto Municipal Court)
2.    Certified copy of your driving record (available online)
3.    SR-22 (proof you have a valid Texas liability insurance policy)
4.    Employer letter to verify your work schedule and days of work each week
5.    Proof that your license is actually suspended (DPS suspension letter or printout from DPS license eligibility website:  https://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/dleligibility/login.do
6.    Copy of your driver license or identification card
7.    SR-37 (included in ODL packet provided in the DeSoto Municipal Court)
8.    $66 filing fee (cashier’s check or money order)
9.    Cashier’s check or money order made payable to Texas Department of Public Safety ($10 for a one year ODL and $20 for a two year ODL)

You will also need to bring money to pay for certified copies of the order granting the ODL. (Cost is approximately $5, and cash is the acceptable payment method.)