Goal #5

Develop an Impact Fee Policy that has developers paying to expand identified infrastructure on new development.

City Work Plan

1. Complete Phase II of City’s impact fee study currently underway | Development Services| Complete FY 2021 Q4

2. Organize a steering committee to include staff and elected officials to discuss impact fee policy decisions | Development Services | Start FY 2021 Q2 | Complete FY 2021 Q2

3. Consider policy decisions and obtain City Council approval of an impact fee ordinance | Development Services | Start FY 2022 Q1 | Complete FY 2022 Q2

4. Implement the collection of impact fees consistent with the Council approved policy | Development Services | Start FY 2022 Q2 | Complete FY 2022 Q2


3rd Quarter Update
July 2021

The Impact Fee Study is on schedule to be completed during Q4. The Impact Fee Steering Committee held a meeting during Q2. Additionally, the City’s consultant is scheduled to present results of the Impact Fee Study to the City Council and discuss implementation policy decisions for consideration during the public hearing scheduled in August. The implementation of Impact Fees will occur once Council has accepted the new Impact Fee Policy and fee percentages have been determined.

2nd Quarter Update
April 2021

The impact fee study is on still on schedule to be completed in the Q4 of FY 2021. The recommended Land Use Analysis/Capital Improvement Plan was adopted by City Council during Q2. Staff has identified potential steering committee members and will begin contacting them in Q3 to establish that committee.  Additionally, the impact fee consultant presented examples of policy decisions to be discussed by the steering committee and recommended to Council for approval.