Goal #2

Create a Community Police Advisory Committee to provide transparency and community input into Police Department enforcement activities.

City Work Plan

1. Obtain City Council approval on all appointees to the Citizen Police Advisory Committee (CPAC) | Police Department | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q1

2. Provide training to CPAC members on their roles and responsibilities, including training for new CPAC members to become familiar with the functions of the DeSoto Police Department | Police Department | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q2

3. Conduct regular meetings of the CPAC to review Police Department policies and procedures | Police Department | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q4


3rd Quarter Update
July 2021

Through June, the Citizens Police Advisory Committee (CPAC) has been able to conduct multiple meetings following the City Council's restructuring of the CPAC Bylaws for the purpose of establishing a quorum. Since that change, CPAC has elected leadership positions and initiated a review of current Police Department policies. Committee members are being educated and trained on Police Department procedures and practices including Texas Civil Service laws.  

2nd Quarter Update
April 2021

Through March, the Citizens Police Advisory Committee (CPAC) was able to conduct one successful meeting in person due to several meetings where a quorum could not be established. The City Council considered the structure of CPAC and modified the bylaws to facilitate the number of members present at a meeting to reach a quorum. The first meeting of CPAC under the new bylaws will be conducted in April. Due to delays in establishing a quorum, efforts to provide training and review of Police Department policies has been delayed as well. Training and policy review are expected to be conducted in Q3.