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This website page has been created for homeschoolers as an easy way to locate items for subject based inquiries of interest to home educators. The links are website pages of free and low-cost resources online to assist in your child’s education.

Resource Links

Actuarial Foundation
Promoting math education and financial literacy, these free interactive resources include lessons plans, online activities, and competitions created by talented actuaries from real-world experiences. Scholarship opportunities are also available.
Explore this fun website full of math lessons, games, tools and reference. Check out the sister website for the younger crowd.

Doctor Genius
Also known as, this free online math quiz website has built-in rewards for grade K-6.
Lots of free math resources are available by using the navigation ruler at the top of the page. Resources are also available in other subjects, but access may require a subscription fee to view all the materials.

Don’t have one of those expensive graphing calculators? Here’s a free online calculator that will plot coordinates using algebraic formulas. It is also a drawing tool.
Free math worksheets, online games, ebooks, reviews and more can be found on this comprehensive resource site. Understanding concepts is the focus of the materials offered rather than rote memorization.
This is a link to the free tools options on this website, open to the various calculators offered. See the left-hand sidebar for converters, formulas and test preps.

Math Guide
Free math lessons, puzzles, worksheet creators, tutorials and more help improve areas of math concepts.  

Math is Fun
This is a free website for grade K-12. Some pages will require Adobe Flash Player to run. Click here for an index by grades and topics, and here for a curriculum guide of the materials in conceptual sequence.
Free online math worksheet generator allows you to custom generate worksheets in several areas of math study. Purchase a subscription for more worksheet options.

Playdough to Plato
Encouraging math and science in the early years, this inspiring website offers free quality activities and printables. Literacy and fine motor activities are also available. For more resources, shop in the store.

Practical Money Skills
As part of Visa’s “Financial Literacy for Everyone” series, this webpage offers free interactive tools and educational resources to help people build stronger financial futures.

Presented by Discovery Education, WebMath is a free math-help site that generates answers in real-time and then shows the student the steps on how to get the answer. Select from the tabs at the top for the general subject area, then the specific math concept.

Free Math Textbooks 

Elementary Level
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
The Mathematics Enhancement Program is a full free curriculum for grades PK-6 developed for UK schools and based on a Hungarian series. Content has a focus on mathematical reasoning, and has excellent supports included.

Math in English
This website offers free remedial math resources, including several downloadable workbooks.

Secondary Level 

Core Maths
A free math textbook online from The Center for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (UK) covers key math concepts in the high school years. 

A collection of quality open license math textbooks intended for the college level may interest an ambitious student. Some high school level topics are also included.

Disclaimer:  The DeSoto Public Library is providing this resource to assist local homeschoolers. A great amount of the information is useful for all educators and parents. It is not an endorsement of any product or business mentioned or a promotion of homeschooling as a preference over other choices in education.