Our Charter states, "In the event no candidate receives a majority of all votes cast for all the candidates for an office at such election, the Council shall on the first day following completion of the official counting of the ballots cast at said first election issue a call for a second election to be held in the City as provided by state law, at which said second election, the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes for any such office in the first election shall again be voted for.  In the event of a tie between two candidates for any office at said second election, they shall cast lots to determine who shall be elected to such office."

The City of DeSoto will hold a Run-Off Election on June 8, 2019, with the following candidates (listed here in alphabetical order): Marikay Dewberry and Dinah Marks.

Below is information for EARLY VOTING and ELECTION DAY VOTING.

Early Voting
Disciple Central Community Church (DC3)
901 N. Polk Street, Suite 101
DeSoto, Texas 75115

May 28-31, 2019 (Tuesday-Friday): 8am until 5pm
June 1, 2019 (Saturday): 8am until 5pm
June 2, 2019 (Sunday): 1pm until 6pm
June 3-4, 2019 (Monday-Tuesday): 7am until 7pm

Election Day Voting
Belt Line Conference Center
200 E. Belt Line Road
DeSoto, Texas 75115

June 8, 2019 (Saturday): 7am until 7pm