Code of Conduct

1.0 Purpose:
  • The purpose of this policy is to establish behavior standards in order to provide a comfortable, respectful, and safe DeSoto Public Library.
2.0 General Library:
  1. Disruptive behavior that disrupts the normal operation of the library is not allowed.
  2. No profanity.
  3. Must not interfere with the free passage of library staff or other library customers.
  4. Smoking or other use of tobacco or e-cigarettes is prohibited.
  5. Only service animals are permitted inside the building.
  6. Customers consuming food or beverage in the library must be respectful of and avoid disturbing customers or untidiness.
  7. Customers using mobile phones in the library must be respectful of other customers and keep the volume and duration of any call to a minimum.
  8. Keep all personal belongings with you at all times.
  9. Children under 11 years must be accompanied by an adult, and cannot be left unattended.
  10. Children age 11 and older may use the library unattended by an adult, and are subject to other library rules and policies concerning conduct.
  11. A shirt and shoes are necessary and no low hanging pants.
  12. Unauthorized use of library cards is not permitted.
3.0 Computer Lab & Venable Training Room:
  1. All other library behavior standards will apply.
  2. Keep noise to a minimum.
  • The police may be called for assistance when necessary. Failure to abide by these standards may cause library privileges to be revoked for specified periods of time. This may also include a criminal trespass warning or other legal remedies as necessary.