Station Tours

DeSoto Fire Rescue puts a high priority on interacting with the citizens it serves.  When schedules permit and when not committed to a fire or medical incident, our crews proudly participate in community events, school visits and station tours. We are unable to support private events such as birthday parties and business openings.

Program Guidelines

DFR fire stations are open daily between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for tours and visits on a prearranged and pre-approved basis. Visitors are welcome to meet our firefighters/paramedics and see the equipment used to keep their neighborhoods safe.
Tours are limited to groups of 25 or fewer. For safeguarding purposes, please ensure an appropriate adult to child ratio for adequate adult supervision.

Please note that all Fire Apparatus and Fire Stations are on 24-hour call and can be dispatched to an emergency at any time, i.e., before or during a scheduled event. In such case, fire crews are unable to notify the event organizer of any delays and/or cancellations while responding to a fire or medical incident. You may call back to reschedule.

Fire Administration: 972-230-9680