Sheridan Parc



Sheridan Parc is an addition to the City of DeSoto, Texas that began development in 2005. Located off of Pleasant Run Road and Saddlebrook Drive, the small neighborhood of 74 homes offers an excellent sense of community, connectivity, and value. 

The Sheridan Parc Owners Association (SPOA) was formed by the developer in 2006 as a condition for city approval and in compliance with City Ordinance 1576-04.

The Ordinance was approved by City Council on March 16, 2004, and stipulated the formation and continued existence of a mandatory Owners Association.

Annual Assessments 

The current yearly assessment is four hundred and ninety-five dollars ($495.00) which will be collected semi-annually in 2019. 

Beginning in 2020 the annual assessment will be due in full on the first day of the year.  

Community Leadership 

Mr. Kwesi Williams serves as the President of the Board and is in charge of day-to-day operations of the Association.

Ms. Alicia Newsome serves as the Vice-President of Operations and acts in place of the President as needed.

C Memfis Madyun serves as the Secretary of the Board and is in charge of Association History, Member Services, and Records.

You can contact the Board at