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Inoperable Vehicles
Inoperable Vehicle
Please maintain property free of any junk vehicles. A junk motor vehicle is any vehicle that is inoperative and remains inoperative for more than 45 days or is inoperative and does not have a current registration sticker or inspection sticker.

A junk vehicle is also any vehicle which is wrecked, dismantled or discarded. These A junk vehicle is also any vehicle which is wrecked, dismantled or discarded. These vehicles may not be visible anywhere in the public view, public right-of-way, street or any other private property.

Parking on Unimproved Surfaces
No vehicle should be parked in the front or side yards at any time, except on a driveway or on an improved surface such as reinforced concrete. Additionally, parking in the alley is prohibited at all times so as to not interfere with the free and uninterrupted movement of traffic.

Oversized Vehicles
Oversized vehicles may not be parked or stored in any residential neighborhood. An overweight vehicle means a truck tractor, semi-trailer, trailer with a rated capacity in excess of 14,500 GVWR or higher such as flatbed trucks, vehicles with mounted equipment, mechanical or hydraulic devices designed to assist in loading or unloading freight or the transporting of other vehicles.

Recreational vehicles and travel trailers may be parked in residential neighborhoods, but must be parked on private property on an improved surface. Recreational vehicles must not be parked as to cause a visibility obstruction to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. All vehicles parked on the street must be moved every 24 hours. 

How to Get Rid of a Junk Vehicle