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Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Comprised of five members and four alternates appointed by the City Council to serve for a two-year term with term limits of six years as a Regular and/or six years as an Alternate.
  • Hear Requests for Variances and Appeals to interpretations made by administrative officials.

Meeting Schedule
The ZBOA meetings are scheduled as needed, when there is a case to be considered, for the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. Special meetings may be called per the request of the Chair or Vice Chair in the absence of the Chair. 

ZBOA AgendasZBOA Minutes

Staff Representatives
Edlyn Vatthauer
Planning Manager
Ph: 972.230.9624

Donielle Suber
Planning Tech
Ph: 972.230.9622

Council Representative 
Dick North
Councilmember, Place 5
Preston Gilstrap 
Initial Appointment: 8/14
Current Term Expires: 9/16

LeMarcus Henderson(alternate)
Initial Appointment: 8/15 
Current Term Expires: 9/17

Candice Quarles (alternate)
Initial Appointment: 08/15
Current Term Expires: 9/17

Elma Goodwin 
Initial Appointment: 10/11
Current Term Expires: 9/17

Theo Peugh
Initial Appointment: 11/11
Current Term Expires: 9/17 

Nigel Redmond (alternate)
Initial Appointment: 9/14
Current Term Expires: 9/16
Eddie Culley (alternate)           
Initial Appointment: 7/15 
Current Term Expires: 9/17
Remie James
Initial Appointment: 10/13
Current Term Expires: 9/17

Antonio Gipson
Initial Appointment: 10/13
Current Term Expires: 9/16