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Who We Are
Our Mission
The sole mission of the Friends of the Desoto Public Library is to support the Desoto Public Library by assisting them in providing excellent services to the citizens of Desoto and maintaining its pride as a beloved civic institution. 


The Friends of the Desoto Public Library is a non-profit organization that began in the 1970s. Their normal method for raising funds for the Library was by used book sales, but in the early '80s they decided to raffle a quilt. That quilt brought in more than $1,000.

The raffle generated a great interest in quilting with requests for The Friends to quilt for others. As a result The Friends now generate most of their funds through quilting for others. The Friends also raise funds through special events, corporate and private donations, and membership. These funds support library initiated programs and capital improvements. The Friends also sell ear buds and flash drives as a convenience for patrons in the computer lab.

Library patrons can watch the quilters at work every Thursday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Although, the initial quilting group included a dozen women, only two faithful quilters remain. They welcome and encourage other quilters to come and join them. They also quilt for "others". The average charge is $200 per quilt and it takes approximately six to eight weeks to complete a quilt.

In 2011, the Friends completed 11 quilts, which earned money to contribute to the funding of library programs and resources not funded by the City of Desoto's budget. Each year, the Friends contribute $1,500 to the Library's Summer Reading Club Program for children and youth.

The Friends believe that the library is one of the community's most vital cultural and educational assets. They encourage all citizens of Desoto to participate in and take advantage of its many programs and services. Through the Friends of the Desoto Public Library, citizens have an opportunity to support the Library through volunteering their time and skills, and through donating their finances to ensure that the Library has the resources to remain an excellent library system, today and in the future.

Versie Lusk, Chair
Joan Jackson, Secretary
Elizabeth Walker, Treasurer

Friends and Volunteers
Billie Clayton
Helen Currier
Sandra IdDeen
Joan Jackson
Linda Lamar
Jennifer Lewis Johnson
Versie Lusk
Linda McAfee
Elizabeth Walker
Melissa Webb
Bobbie Williams