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                                Find New Books and Movies
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Music - find music artists, concerts, pictures, videos, games, and interviews - free streaming music and videos, plus celebrity playlists and more

Yahoo! Music - interviews, reviews, lists, downloads, and more
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Jamglue - upload or record your own tracks or create an original track - search for Christian radio programs nationwide

music 6.jpgMTV - find news, reviews, music, and bios on popular music artists

NPR Music - discover songs, concerts, interviews, & profiles (Rock, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Blues, Classical)

All Music- a comprehensive guide to all music - contains over 2,000 free pieces of classical, jazz, and traditional
sheet music for voice, piano, and other instruments

Get Lyrics - a huge database of lyrics for pop songs that includes over 80,000
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Movies and Television
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Internet Movie Database - information on thousands of actors, movies, and television

The Movie Times -  Word of mouth reviews. Find a review or submit your own review - news, interviews, tv shows, pictures, videos and games

Hulu - watch your favorite television shows and movies

All Movie - upcoming tv and movie releases, movie trailers,  and what's in theaters - celebrities,movies 1.jpg movies, news, trailers, and photos

Yahoo! Movies - movie news and gossip, watch movie trailers, and get show times
for your local area

Rotten Tomatoes - new movie reviews and previews, celebrities and photosdaddys girls 2.jpg

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Comics, Manga, & AnimeBlame 2.jpg

Anime News Network - get the latest news in anime and read reviews

Manga 101 - what's manga? definitions, history, art, and overview - read Marvel comics online!

DC Comics -   comics, graphic novels, previews, news, podcasts and downloads


GamePro - reviews, previews, cheats, and ratings for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2,

GameSpot - news, reviews, previews, screenshots, movies, message boards,
FAQs, game guides, and downloads for computer and console video games 
Super Smash Bros 2.jpg - features over 90 original java games


How stuff works - learn about how things work
beinggirl - latest on growing up, girl games and more
MLB - Official site of Major League Baseball
NBA - Official site of the National Basketball Association
NFL - Official site of the National Football League
WWE - Wrestling Entertainment
WNBA- Women's National Basketball Association