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New Kid's Books
New Kid's Non-Fiction Books
African American Culture: Nichols
African American Dance: An Illustrated History: Glass
Amazing Maya: Inventions You can Build: Bell-Rehwoldt
Ancient India: Dalal
Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac: French Knudsen
Battles and Weapons: Champman
Bermuda Triangle: Whiting
Billy the Kid: Harmon
Blue Lipstick: Concrete Poems: Grandits
Bronzeville: Boys and Girls: Brooks
Celebrate Diwali: Plum-Ucci
Countries of the World: Australia: Turner
Countries of the World: Germany: Russell
Draw Anything You Like: Makowski
European Art Since 1850: Malloy
Extraordinary Hispanic Americans: Alegre
Fingerprints: Crime Solving Science Experiments: Rainis
First Dinosaur Encyclopedia: Bingham
Forests More Than Just Trees: Casper
Getting Into Baseball: Thomas
Gooey Jellyfish: Lunis
Guilty by a Hair: Real DNA Matches:  Prokos
Hair, Clothing, & Tire Track Evidence: Crime Solving Experiments: Rainis
Harriet Beecher Stowe: Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin: Gelletly
History of the World: Fry
How to Write Your Life Story: Fletcher
I Don't Want to be Crazy: Schutz
Increase Mather: Clergyman and Scholar: Lutz
James Oglethorpe: Humanitarian and Soldier: Lommel
Lazy Giant: Based on a Cuna Tale: Sepehri
Louisiana: Lassieur
Money Math: Walsh
Monkey's New Drum: Sepehri
Monsters and Water Beasts: Miller
Ouch: How Your Body Makes It Through A Very Bad Day: Walker
Pedro and the Coyote: Sepehri
Real Samurai: Turnbull
Sam Walton: Business Genius of Wal-mart: Lee
Secrets of a Civil War Submarine: Walker
Smart Money: How to Manage Your Cash: Denega
Sophisticated Ladies: The Great Women of Jazz: Gourse
Step-by-step Crafts for Summer: Ross
The Daring Book for Girls: Buchanan
The Six Fools: Thomas
Why Chibchacun Carries the World: Sepehri
Wonders of the World: Steele
Zora Neale Hurston: I Have Been in Sorrow's Kitchen: Litwin