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DeSoto Youth Football
Congratulations to our 2014 season champions
Panthers A Team 
Falcons B Team
Panthers C Team
Falcons Flag Team

Announcement: Registration will begin on May 10th

Registration at the DeSoto Recreation Center is scheduled to begin Saturday, May 10, 2014. Ages 4-12 can register. The age is determined by how old the player will be on August 1, 2014 for B, C and Flag divisions and June 1, 2014 for the A division.

Registration Process

Cheerleader registration: May 17th thru September 5th
New and returning cheerleaders will begin registration for all organizations.

Returning Football player registration: May 10th thru June 14th
Players registered from the 2013 roster will have 1st priority to register with the organization that the player is returning to. This includes players returning to their same age division and the following listed below:
  • Flag team advancing to C team
  • C team advancing to B team
  • B team advancing to A team

Open Football player registration: May 10th thru September 5th

New players and returning players switching teams can register with any organization of their choice during this registration period. New organizations will begin registration during this period.

Participants with Siblings
Players with one or more related family member will be registered to the same organization. If teams have met their maximum allowed players, you must choose another team with availability. With the registration cap on football players, the football player with a sibling who is a cheerleader will dictate where both players are placed.

Key dates to remember
May 5 - Coaches submit criminal background check and certification online
Jul 14 - Assign practice facilities for teams that meet requirements
Jul 21 - Practices will begin 
Aug 23 - Undrafted Players will be assigned to a team by this date
Aug 23 - Refund Deadline
Sep 6 - Football player certification at Meadowcreek Park @ 9:00 a.m. 
Sep 13 - Season Start Date
 Registration Fee(s)  DeSoto/
Glenn Heights Residents

 Football  $40 $60
 Cheerleading  $30  $50
Uniforms are not included in the registration fees.

Proof of Residency Requirements
Two proofs of the following will be required:
A valid driver’s license or identification card issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety showing the DeSoto address of that person.
A current utility (gas, electric, water) showing the DeSoto address of that person.
A current lease or mortgage showing the DeSoto address of that person.
A current voter’s registration card showing the DeSoto address of that person.
A current auto insurance card showing the DeSoto address of that person
A current report card

General Forms

Registration Form | Player Release Form | Incident Report | Waiver FormGame ReportComment Form | Protest Form

Coaches Information
Submit Volunteer Criminal Background | Code or Conduct for Coaches 
Team Roster | Practice and Training Safety in the Heat | League Rules/Bylaws

Procedures for Criminal Background Checks | Cleared Coaches Report | Cleared Team Mom/Dad Report

Parent Information
Season Game Schedule | Organization Contact Numbers and Uniform FeesPractice Schedule


Participating Organization Team Web Links
Chargers | Colts | Falcons | North Texas Oilers | Panthers

To All Participants for the Youth Football and Cheerleading Season

What Do Registration Fees Cover?

  • Game officials
  • League Insurance
  • Championship awards
  • Advertisement
  • Participant Sport ID Card—required for all league approved games, preseason and post season tournaments
  • Facility Monitors   
  • Energy Management Fee of $10
  • Non-Residential Fee of $20

Registration Process

  • Residential parents must register and have a state issued photo identification card and current utility bill (strictly enforced).
  • Nonresidential parents must register and have a state issued photo identification card.
  • If a coach registers for a residential player/cheerleader, the coach must have a photo copy of the parents state issued identification card (mark through the id number), along with a current utility bill.
  • If a coach registers for a nonresidential player/cheerleader, the coach must have a photo copy of the parents state issued identification card (mark through the id number).
  • We will post registration information from the Youth Football and Cheerleading League on the City of DeSoto’s website. Everyone will have access to roster updates, updated by 5:00 p.m. on each Monday.
  • Practice times, locations and dates will be scheduled once each organization has 11 registered A and B team participants individually and 15 players per team registered with C and flag teams with 51 % residency per team. Game schedules will be available online at a later date.

City Responsibilities

  • Provide annual maintenance plan to each outdoor League.
  • General cosmetic maintenance such as cleaning the facility and marking and dragging scheduled fields.
  • Perform all preseason clay and turf maintenance.
  • Provide sand, soil, etc to be used in leveling or backfilling low areas.
  • Maintain all area and field lighting systems.  
  • The City shall make determinations on field closures due to weather. Determination will be made by 3:00 pm on weekdays. Weather will be monitored beyond the determination times if necessary.
  • Prior to the first day of registration, the city shall update its websites with registration information and provide e-mail addresses to provide communication and updates regarding youth football.
  • The city shall conduct a mandatory informational parents meeting a week after registration ends outlining the city's responsibilities. It is extremely important that parents attend this meeting to ensure better communication between the city and participants. 
  • The city is responsible for daily game day policing, cleaning, and disposal of all litter on their field(s) to include playing areas, dugouts, fences, backstops, bleachers, concession stands, and adjacent grounds.
  • The city shall maintain all control systems.
  • The city will monitor park restrooms, keep them stocked with toiletries issued by the City and cleaned.


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