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Officer Check In for DeSoto Municipal Court

    By completing this check-in form, I am representing to the Judge of the DeSoto Municipal Court and the City Prosecutor that I have reviewed both the 8am and 1:00pm dockets of the Court and identified all of the cases on which I am expected to be called as a witness. Further, I am likewise representing that I am prepared to testify on each of my cases shown on the docket(s), and will arrive inside the courtroom at 211 E. Pleasant Run Road, DeSoto, Texas, not later than 25 minutes after I receive telephonic notice at the Contact Phone Number that I have provided herein above. I understand that the call for me to appear may come from a 1-512-xxx-xxxx phone number and I will answer such call. I understand that my failure to appear within the 25 minute deadline may result in the dismissal of my case(s). I further understand that in the event that exigent circumstances prevents my appearance in the Desoto Municipal Court within the 25 minute deadline, I am instructed to call the Clerk of the Municipal Court at 972-230-9674 to explain my absence so that the Judge can determine how to proceed with my cases.

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