Why does my water taste or smell funny?
Many customer complaints involve taste and odor issues, but these issues are some of the most difficult for a water system to address. All water has its own unique taste and odor characteristics. Like many other water suppliers, we occasionally experience taste and odor changes.

In the summer and early fall, algae in area lakes occasionally gives water an earthy taste and odor. A rotten egg smell typically occurs from a lack of oxygen in the natural or man-made reservoir storing water before it is treated. It is caused by bacterial decomposition of algae and organisms, which, when no oxygen is present, produces hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide emits a rotten egg smell.

When the naturally formed scale on the interior of the piping system is disturbed, and when turbulence with the water happens, some water discoloration may occur for several hours. The white discoloration of water usually means air is entrapped in the water. Running your faucets can usually eliminate white discoloration. If discoloration continues for an extended period of time, please notify the City of DeSoto Water/Wastewater Department. Please refer to our Taste & Odors page. Taste & Odors

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1. Why does my water taste or smell funny?
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