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Posted on: October 20, 2022

City of DeSoto Reveals New City Brand


The City of DeSoto announced Wednesday, the launch of a new City logo as part of an ongoing evolution of the City's brand. 

This news comes after the DeSoto City Council approved a Resolution Tuesday night at the City Council Meeting to adopt the new City Flag with the new logo. The new logo tells a story of a place in the heart of the DFW area that has many opportunities, people from all walks of life, festivals, amazing culture, food and so much more. The new logo has a radiant green "D" with an eagle and corral, red, and orange wings. The "D" stands for DeSoto, the eagle symbolizes strength and the colorful wings symbolize diversity, authenticity, countless opportunities, innovation, and togetherness of the community.

The branding process began in 2021, when the strategic plan was released and the number one goal of the strategic plan was to create a new City identity and implement new marketing, communication and public relations efforts to create a new City image that reflects who the City is today and for the future. A marketing agency was selected and in 2021, the branding process began. After various public input including key stakeholder meetings, and a City-wide survey, a new logo was selected that reflects the City's history while providing a fresh and new look.

The City has been transitioning to the new logo and over time, the new logo will replace the current logo on all City collaterals, City flags, City facilities, City vehicles, water towers, etc. The City is also in the process of redesigning the City website that will include the new logo and provide a more user-friendly experience. Changing the logo is a process that involves many steps and takes time.

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