Payment Options

Customers are billed monthly for water, sewer, refuse (garbage and brush collection), and drainage services. If payment is not received by the bill due date, a $5.00 late penalty is assessed and the customer has an additional ten (10) days to remit payment. If payment is not received within the ten day late period, the service will be subject to disconnection without further notification.

As a courtesy, the Utility Billing department uses an automated telephone system to contact customers and provide a friendly reminder of an unpaid balance and potential service disconnection activity. Please update your contact telephone number information by contacting the office during business hours or updating your information here. If you are receiving calls from the Utility Billing automated telephone system in error, please contact our office at 972.230.9627.

Payment Options include:
Telephone or Internet - Credit Card, ATM/Debit Card, Electronic Check
Payment Locations and Drop Boxes