Current Projects

Bee Branch Bridge Replacement - Pleasant Run Rd.  
  • Engineer: TxDOT
  • Contractor: TxDOT
  • Project: Included in the Capital Improvement Program is the replacement of the Bee Branch Bridge on Pleasant Run Rd., located just west of Cockrell Hill Rd. The existing bridge, while currently safe for the traveling public, received a rating from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) which warranted the reconstruction and the participation in a federal program to assist in the cost of replacement. The federal program is managed by TxDOT.

2015 Repair and Replacement (R&R) Project 

    ◦Engineer: City of DeSoto 
    ◦Contractor: TBD 

    ◦Project: The current R & R Project includes various locations with varying degrees of deterioration of the existing clay tile sewer lines 
     and cast iron water lines. In most cases the infrastructure is 40-50 years old. The water and sewer main lines will be replaced with 
     Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe. In addition, water service lines will be replaced (City side of the meters) and sewer lines will be replaced 
     up to the property lines with cleanouts being installed at the property line.