Criminal Investigation Division

The CID is responsible for investigating criminal cases, which are usually generated by the patrol division.

Division Composition
The division hierarchy includes a captain, lieutenant, one sergeant, a corporal, seven detectives, one civilian investigator, and one administrative assistant.

Those assigned to CID are trained in conducting follow-up investigations and interviews, preservation of evidence and filing cases with the District Attorney's office.

Though all CID personnel are trained in general investigation, some specialize in certain types of cases: fraud, property crimes, crimes against persons, juvenile, narcotics and gangs intelligence, and evidence preservation.
This specialization is necessary because of the increasingly complicated laws enforced by police, and also enhances productivity by ensuring a more complete and comprehensive case investigation.

Domestic Violence Investigations
The Desoto Police Department handles the investigation of family violence reports but if you are in immediate danger or need counseling or other assistance please contact Brighter Tomorrows at 972.262.8383 or