Goal #7

Work with the ownership of Thorntree Golf Club to support an attractive and well-maintained facility and neighborhood

1. Conduct regular meetings with Thorntree Golf Club corporate ownership to explore partnership opportunities that will support an attractive and well-maintained neighborhood | City Manager’s Office | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q4

2. Organize a steering committee of staff and elected officials to identify opportunities to collaborate with Thorntree Golf Club | City Manager’s Office | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q1


2nd Quarter Update
April 2021

The Thorntree Steering Committee continues to meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Thorntree Country Club has applied and been approved for a Facade Matching Grant from the DeSoto Development Corporation (DDC).  Thorntree has committed to spending $100,000 to make improvements to the entryway and landscaping. The DDC will provide a match of $50,000, for Thorntree's investment of $100,000 in improvements. The interior of the country club facility sustained damaged as a result of the recent winter storm.  Therefore, interior activities planned by the Parks and Recreation Department have been postponed until further notice while repairs are made. Exterior activities such as the golf camp are still being planned.

1st Quarter Update
January 2021

A steering committee consisting of representatives from the City Council, City Manager's Office, Development Services Department, Parks Department, and DeSoto Economic Development Corporation along with Thorntree Golf Club leadership has been established to identify opportunities for the City and Thorntree to work together to support an attractive and well-maintained facility and ensure the viability of the neighborhoods surrounding Thorntree.  The committee has established a regular meeting schedule, with meetings to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Two meetings have occurred thus far.  Currently, the committee is exploring the possibility of DEDC-sponsored façade and infrastructure grants to assist Thorntree with upgrading the entryway and signage and supplement their current water supply for the golf course.  The committee is also exploring programming opportunities for Thorntree to partner with DeSoto Parks and Recreation.