Goal #6

Coordinate strategic plans for DeSoto ISD and the City of DeSoto.

City Work Plan

1. Strengthen and support efforts to engage DeSoto youth
• Develop recommendations from the City’s Youth Master Plan upon completion | City Manager’s Office | Start FY 2021 Q2 | Complete FY 2021 Q3
• Participate in the Texas Municipal League Youth Advisory Council Summit | Parks Department | Start FY 2021 Q3 | Complete FY 2021 Q3
• Support youth participation in the Library Teen Advisory Board | Library Department | Start FY 2021 Q1 | Complete FY 2021 Q4
• Reimagine and restructure the Junior Civic Academy to engage additional youth | City Manager’s Office | Start FY 2021 Q3 | Complete FY 2021 Q4
• Establish a DeSoto Teen Council for youth engagement with the Mayor and City Council | City Manger’s Office | Start FY 2021 Q3 | Complete FY 2021 Q4

2. Establish regular quarterly meetings for staff and elected officials to review the status of strategic plan outcomes and plan for opportunities for collective goal achievement | City Manager’s Office | Start FY 2021 Q2 | Complete FY 2021 Q4


3rd Quarter Update
July 2021

The Library Teen Advisory Board will commence activity for planning in August and host a meeting in early fall when the semester starts for elementary and secondary schools. For the Youth Master Plan, staff is developing programming in the areas of Education & Civic Engagement, Youth Health & Mental Wellness, Life Skills & Career Readiness, develop a User-Friendly Web Presence for Youth, Provide Annual Comprehensive Program Reviews, and Continue Engagement with Other Community Youth Service Providers. The first meeting this fiscal year of the DeSoto City Council and the DeSoto ISD Board was held on March 25. In preparation for the second meeting scheduled on August 19, a survey of strategic priorities from the first meeting is being shared with both governing bodies to develop a list of preferences to guide discussions on August 19. These strategic priorities are areas in which collective North Star goals can be achieved by increased collaboration and cooperation with the City of DeSoto and DeSoto ISD. Recreation and Library Staff will implement a plan in Q4 to recruit teens through local public and private schools. The DeSoto Parks and Recreation Department, in conjunction with the Texas Municipal League, hosted a virtual Youth Teen Council Seminar in April with 40 sponsors representing 15 cities throughout Texas. Based on feedback from the Youth Teen Council Seminar and input from the City Council, a Youth Teen Council in DeSoto is best structured as an interactive civic relationship with local teens. A program to address this structure is currently being developed for recommendation to the City Council.

2nd Quarter Update
April 2021

The Library has provided at least 20 teen-centered programs this year, and the Teen Expo planning and awareness is underway with an in-person event scheduled for April 2022. The Youth Master Plan is scheduled to be accepted by the City Council in May 2021. The joint DeSoto City Council and DeSoto ISD Board meeting was held virtually on March 25. The joint meeting focused on the regional North Star Collaborative as well as bridging the City's and School District's Strategic Plans to provide opportunities for student and citizen engagement. Next steps include forming committees around North Star priorities and determining impact projects where the City and ISD can work together for common goal achievement. Restructuring of the Junior Civic Academy is underway, starting with student recruitment with DeSoto ISD and Kingdom Christian Academy’s Government Department. The establishment of the DeSoto Teen Council and youth engagement strategies with the Mayor and City Council will be included in the implementation strategies recommended as part of the acceptance of the Youth Master Plan. City staff is working in collaboration with the Texas Municipal League to plan a session for working with teen advisory committees in April.