Computer Lessons & Exercises

The following courses are designed to facilitate self-taught instruction on using computers, common software, and popular devices. The Computer Literacy series consists of 8 classes on computer basics, internet basics, keyboarding, and Microsoft Word & Excel. These lessons are recommended for beginner to intermediate students. The Living in the Online World series consists of 6 classes on Microsoft PowerPoint, resume writing and job searching, iPad basics, Mac basics, cloud computing, and tech savvy tips. These lessons are recommended for intermediate to advanced students.

Computer Literacy Series

Living in the Online World Series

Beginning Computer Basics


Exercise 1: Computer Basics Practice
Ex 1-1: Computer Basics Answer Sheet

Intermediate Computer Basics

Exercise 1: Intermediate Basics Practice
Ex 1-1: Intermediate Basics Answer Sheet
Exercise 2: Using Windows Explorer

Introduction to Windows 10


Internet I: Web Basics & Online Security

Exercise 1: Internet Scavenger Hunt
Ex 1-1: Internet Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet

Internet II: Email Basics

Computer Boot Camp session (July 15th)
How to Set Up an Email with Yahoo
How to Set Up an Email with Google

Keyboarding 101

Exercise 1: Keyboard Drills
Exercise 2: Keyboarding Exercise
Ex 2-1: Online Sites

Beginning Word


Exercise 1: Editing Font
Exercise 2: Inserting Pictures
Exercise 3: Creating an Event Flyer

Intermediate Word

Beginning Word Challenge

Exercise 1: Using an Invitation Template
Exercise 2: Tables & Charts
Exercise 3: Creating a Flyer Template
Exercise 4: Using a Business Card Template

Beginning Excel

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

Intermediate Excel

Example 1: Creating Complex Formulas
Example 2: Sorting Data
Example 3: Filtering Data
Example 4: Working With Charts
Online Job Search & Resume Writing

Exercise 1: Crafting a Great Cover Letter
Exercise 2: Creating a Resume
Ex 2-1: Resume Info
Exercise 3: Using a Resume Template
Ex 3-1: Old Resume

Microsoft Powerpoint 101

Exercise 1: Putting Together a PowerPoint
Ex 1-1: Putting Together a PowerPoint Complete
Exercise 2: My Awesome Presentation
Ex 2-1: My Awesome Presentation Complete

iPad Basics

Exercise 1: iPad Basics Practice
Ex 1-1: iPad Basics Answer Sheet
Exercise 2: Navigating Your iPad Practice

Cloud Computing

Using the Cloud: A Breakdown of Services
Using the Cloud: Privacy Policies

Tech Savvy Tips & Tricks

Exercise 1: Tech Savvy Practice
Ex 1-1: Tech Savvy Review Answer Sheet
Exercise 2: Windows Photo Gallery Collage

Mac Basics


Google Docs Basics

Practice Document
Google Quick Guide

My Digital Life

Scanning Basics

Adobe Photoshop Elements


Click to Download Help Guide

Internet Security and Safety


Social Media

Computer Boot Camp session (July 16th)

Consumer Health Websites

Computer Boot Camp session (July 17th)

Smartphone Basics

Presentation (October 15, 2019)
Presentation (October 22, 2019)

Online Search Basics

Presentation (October 29, 2019)

Microsoft Office Lessons and Exercises were created using Office 2010 products. Page updated July 2019