Computer Lessons & Exercises


Computer Lessons & Exercises

The following courses are designed to facilitate self-taught instruction on using computers, common software, and popular devices. The Computer Literacy series consists of 8 classes on computer basics, internet basics, keyboarding, and Microsoft Word & Excel. These lessons are recommended for beginner to intermediate students. The Living in the Online World series consists of 6 classes on Microsoft PowerPoint, resume writing and job searching, iPad basics, mac basics, cloud computing, and tech savvy tips. These lessons are recommended for intermediate to advanced students. For a list of courses and descriptions click here.

Computer Literacy Series

Living in the Online World Series

Beginning Computer Basics


Exercise 1: Computer Basics Practice
Ex 1-1: Computer Basics Answer Sheet

Intermediate Computer Basics

Exercise 1: Intermediate Basics Practice
Ex 1-1: Intermediate Basics Answer Sheet
Exercise 2: Using Windows Explorer

Internet I: Web Basics & Online Security

Exercise 1: Internet Scavenger Hunt
Ex 1-1: Internet Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet

Internet II: Email Basics

How to Set Up an Email with Yahoo
How to Set Up an Email with Google

Keyboarding 101

Exercise 1: Keyboard Drills
Exercise 2: Keyboarding Exercise
Ex 2-1: Online Sites

Beginning Word


Exercise 1: Editing Font
Exercise 2: Inserting Pictures
Exercise 3: Creating an Event Flyer

Intermediate Word

Beginning Word Challenge

Exercise 1: Using an Invitation Template
Exercise 2: Tables & Charts
Exercise 3: Creating a Flyer Template
Exercise 4: Using a Business Card Template

Beginning Excel

Exercise 1: Creating an Address Book
Exercise 2: Creating a Budget

Intermediate Excel

Example 1: Creating Complex Formulas
Example 2: Sorting Data
Example 3: Filtering Data
Example 4: Working With Charts
Online Job Search & Resume Writing

Exercise 1: Crafting a Great Cover Letter
Exercise 2: Creating a Resume
Ex 2-1: Resume Info
Exercise 3: Using a Resume Template
Ex 3-1: Old Resume

Microsoft Powerpoint 101

Exercise 1: Putting Together a PowerPoint
Ex 1-1: Putting Together a PowerPoint Complete
Exercise 2: My Awesome Presentation
Ex 2-1: My Awesome Presentation Complete

iPad Basics

Exercise 1: iPad Basics Practice
Ex 1-1: iPad Basics Answer Sheet
Exercise 2: Navigating Your iPad Practice

Cloud Computing

Using the Cloud: A Breakdown of Services
Using the Cloud: Privacy Policies

Tech Savvy Tips & Tricks

Exercise 1: Tech Savvy Practice
Ex 1-1: Tech Savvy Review Answer Sheet
Exercise 2: Windows Photo Gallery Collage

Mac Basics


Google Docs Basics

Practice Document
Google Quick Guide

Microsoft Office Lessons and Exercises were created using Office 2010 products. Page updated Sept. 2016