High Meadows

The median on the Meadows ParkwayThe High Meadows Homeowner’s Association is a voluntary group and was established in 1998 for the purpose of maintaining an above quality standard relative to dwellings, landscape, beautification, neighborly cooperation, safety and city services. There are 243 homes in the subdivision and is bound on the east by The Meadows Parkway and Birchwood Lane, on the south by The Meadows Parkway and Pleasant Run Road, on the west by Pleasant Run Road and Shady Wood Lane, along with Pine Tree Lane and on the north by Shady Wood Lane and Cottonwood Drive.

Since the High Meadows HOA is a voluntary association, dues are not mandatory but members give freely at each meeting to offset costs for various expenditures; such as matching grant funds provided by the City of Desoto for flower beds and median maintenance on The Meadows Parkway, food items for meetings, contribution to the Desoto Food Pantry, support for The Meadows Elementary School, support for our Adopt-A-Street program, bereavement, subdivision entrance sign development and other special endeavors.

Our meetings are designed for ultimate support from the community, therefore, meetings are held during the first month of each quarter on the 2nd Saturday morning at Acapulco’s Restaurant on Belt Line Road. Each meeting commences at 9:00 AM. Officers are elected during the January meeting unless someone has resigned and a need exists for an immediate appointment or election.   

Association Representatives



President Dr. Monica Lewis
Vice President James Lewis
Secretary Felicia Turrentine
Treasurer Richard Turrentine
Parliamentarian Tem Youngblood
Historian Ruby Robinson

Block Captains


Email Addresses

Anna Ransom Peach Lane e-mail
Ben & Ruby Robinson Sherod Lane e-mail
Ken Hopper Waterview Lane e-mail
Wayne Posy Rosewood Drive e-mail
Arthur & Arthur Smith Cottonwood Drive
Jean Holbert Briarwood Lane e-mail
Willie Norman Cloverdale Lane
Tem & Eartha Youngblood Birchwood Lane e-mail
Regina Sandifer Pinetree Lane e-mail
Ellis & Marjorie Patterson Oak Meadows Lane e-mail
Terry & Reiko Kurima Shadywood Lane e-mail

Helpful Links

Access the following address and learn more about the City of Desoto:

Access the following web site and learn more about the local school district:

High Meadows Zero-Tolerance Letter with DeSoto Police Department 

High Meadows Articles of Incorporation 

High Meadows Bylaws

High Meadows Adopt-A-Street Members

High Meadows and Adopt a Street BanquetThe High Meadows association members have been participants in the Adopt-A-Street program for over ten years. The association keeps the medians on The Meadows Parkway clean of litter and debris, as well as maintaining the crypt myrtles and mulching the medians to keep DeSoto clean and beautiful.