Frost Oaks

Frost Oaks entry sign

Frost Oaks’ Homeowners Association is located on Longmeadow Court, which is located at the first right turn off of Longmeadow Lane, just north of Pleasant Run Road and one block west of Westmoreland.  The community has only 20 homes, so it may
be the smallest association within the city of DeSoto.  Frost Oaks was incorporated in 1992 with a mandatory membership of all homeowners in the Association.

The association is a non-profit organization with annual modest dues providing a revenue base to insure the administration and maintenance of the association. All of the homeowners in Frost Oaks are proud of our association, which is reflected in the appearance of its homes.

The Board of Directors for the Frost Oaks Homeowners Association was established through its Articles of Incorporation.  A major function of the Board is the determination of assessments and their collection.  According to covenants the mission of the Board is to:
  • Assure the enjoyment of individual homeowners in the use of common areas of the association.
  • Delivering written notice of assessments to each homeowners after fixing the date of commencement
  • Collection of assessments.
  • Payment of all bills incurred by the Association for the sole purpose of its health, safety and welfare.

This year has been a pivotal year for Frost Oaks in that they have participated in the National Night Out and the completion of DeSoto’s matching grant program.  Now a page on the City’s website with plans for an independent website in the near future.  Next year should bring even greater accomplishments with emphasis placed on the growth of the community through an increased knowledge of its City, DeSoto.

Frost Oaks Covenants and Restrictions

Frost Oaks By-Laws