Information Technology

IT Department Responsibilities

  • Manages various interconnected local-area networks that form the City’s wide-area network, the backbone of the infrastructure that allows data sharing between all City facilities
  • Oversees a number of file, print, application, web, e-mail and domain controller servers used to direct information flow across the networks
  • Acts in an advisory and project management capacity for departmental technology purchases used to streamline work flow and improve productivity
  • Provides first-, second-, and third-level technical support for all software and hardware issues
  • Installs, maintains and repairs IT equipment, such as workstations, servers and network / telecommunications hardware
  • Manages the telephone and voicemail systems for all buildings; these include a mixture of digital and IP-based platforms
  • Administers a revolving technology replacement program that ensures scheduled replacement of hardware such as desktop computers and servers before they become obsolete
  • Creates and maintains the City’s web presence, including social media, to promote transparency  
  • Analyzes emerging technology and determines how and when its application becomes relevant and cost effective to City business
  • Manages a fleet of over 200 mobile devices, including phones, tablets and air cards, using an Enterprise Mobility Management solution for provisioning, tracking and supervising city-owned devices
  • Schedules and hosts classroom training for City employees for a range of applications  


  • The IT department is headed by an IT Manager who reports to the Assistant City Manager
  • Staff is comprised of four full time staff members 
  • The department manages roughly 375 computers and 40 servers spread across 10 discrete buildings:
  • Town Center, including the Recreation / Civic Center and the Public Library
  • Police Department
  • Three Fire Stations
  • Fire Training Academy
  • Municipal Service Center
  • Water Pumping Station
  • Senior Center
  • Moseley Pool